Friday, September 2, 2011

Week two blog

My connection to abandon properties in the Gary community is that, I live next door to an abandon house. The fact that the mice come from the abandon house into my house makes me want to do something about this issue. Also I have two small nieces who comes to visit me, I don't allow them to go outside without adult supervision. We also have sex offenders living in the neighborhood and having abandon properties in the community might give them a place to assault young girls.
1. How do abandon properties effects the community?
2. What can we do with these abandon properties?
3.  Are abandon properties in the community attracting crime and drugs?
4. When will the major start  rebuilding the communities?
5. Did the closing of the U S Steel Mill caused Gary economy to go into a serious decline?


  1. Your connection to the topic is a good one, so let's work on the questions.

    Choose one of the questions from your list of five and then take that question and broaden/narrow it per the steps from the link in the Week Two prompt.

    Post your questions as a comment here.

  2. I believe abandon properties effect the communitites in various ways. It brings the property value down, its an eye sore for the neighborhoods, drug addicts will turn them into crack houses, teenagers can engage in sexual activities, small children will sneak or there to play and end up getting hurt or worse, sexual offenders can use the dwellings to assualt people, and etc.

  3. Nice. You can do the Week Three blog.