Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week five

Gary, The Most American of all American Cities by S. Paul O'Hara, an Assistant Professor of History at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The publisher is Indiana University Press, 2011. There's no biased language or hyperbole in this book. This book focus on the history of Gary, the U. S. Steel Corporation, and etc. The source is also accuate because Google books is not known as "content forms".

Northwest Indiana region residents hurt by glut of vacant homes is a newspaper article story by Maria Kwiatkowski, investigative reporter at The Times of Northwest Indiana and graduate student from Grand Valley State University. Editor, John C. DePrez Jr. Publishers: IBRC and IAR, 2011. There' s no biased language in the article and the source is useful because the author is a trotted.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week three

Setterfield, M. (1997) Abandon Buildings: Models for Legislative and Enforcement Reform. Retrieved on September 12, 2011 from
I obtain resourceful information from this source because it gave me information about the negative affects abandoned properties can have on communities and what can be done about the abandoned properties in the community. This site also said that home and business owners of theses abandoned properties should be fine for allowing it to deteriorate.

Kwaithkowskt, M. (2011) Northwest Indiana region residents hurt by it of vacant homes. Retrievd on September 12, 2011 from I found this site  information credible because the author is a news reporter, she did her research before posting information in the paper. The information in thus site gave me a view on how abandoned houses are affecting the resident next door or living in the same community with  these abandoned homes. She interviewed a Gary resident to get her views on living next to an abandoned house.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Week two blog

My connection to abandon properties in the Gary community is that, I live next door to an abandon house. The fact that the mice come from the abandon house into my house makes me want to do something about this issue. Also I have two small nieces who comes to visit me, I don't allow them to go outside without adult supervision. We also have sex offenders living in the neighborhood and having abandon properties in the community might give them a place to assault young girls.
1. How do abandon properties effects the community?
2. What can we do with these abandon properties?
3.  Are abandon properties in the community attracting crime and drugs?
4. When will the major start  rebuilding the communities?
5. Did the closing of the U S Steel Mill caused Gary economy to go into a serious decline?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

week one

Consider current events or issues at your workplace, on campus, or in your community. Think of at least three current issues or events and post them in you blot. Fully describe these current events or issues, and tell tour instructor everything you know about them.
One of the issues in my community are the outrageous high number of abandon houses and duplexes, if this is not a current issue in the Gary, Indiana community, then it should be. This an issue to me because abandon houses and duplexes can be a very dangerous place for anybody. For the residents in the neighborhood on a very stormy night, especially for the next door neighbor. The trash and debris can blow next door and break a window or knock something down. Rodents will leave the abandon house and go next door to find food, and it brings the property level down. People drive through Gary and see nothing but abandon houses, duplexes, and business. Another reason it's an issue is because children will play there or next to it and might get hurt or even worse. Drug addicts and the homeless use them as a place to do drugs and sleep, but the one I'm more concerned with is the fact that a child or woman can be walking home from school or work and an sex offender can snatch them and assault them in that dwelling. I don't know what the major and the government plan on doing about the abandon places, but they need to act fast before something horrible happens.