Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week five

Gary, The Most American of all American Cities by S. Paul O'Hara, an Assistant Professor of History at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. The publisher is Indiana University Press, 2011. There's no biased language or hyperbole in this book. This book focus on the history of Gary, the U. S. Steel Corporation, and etc. The source is also accuate because Google books is not known as "content forms".

Northwest Indiana region residents hurt by glut of vacant homes is a newspaper article story by Maria Kwiatkowski, investigative reporter at The Times of Northwest Indiana and graduate student from Grand Valley State University. Editor, John C. DePrez Jr. Publishers: IBRC and IAR, 2011. There' s no biased language in the article and the source is useful because the author is a trotted.

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  1. If this is the Week Five post, it's a bit short on where it needed to be.