Wednesday, August 31, 2011

week one

Consider current events or issues at your workplace, on campus, or in your community. Think of at least three current issues or events and post them in you blot. Fully describe these current events or issues, and tell tour instructor everything you know about them.
One of the issues in my community are the outrageous high number of abandon houses and duplexes, if this is not a current issue in the Gary, Indiana community, then it should be. This an issue to me because abandon houses and duplexes can be a very dangerous place for anybody. For the residents in the neighborhood on a very stormy night, especially for the next door neighbor. The trash and debris can blow next door and break a window or knock something down. Rodents will leave the abandon house and go next door to find food, and it brings the property level down. People drive through Gary and see nothing but abandon houses, duplexes, and business. Another reason it's an issue is because children will play there or next to it and might get hurt or even worse. Drug addicts and the homeless use them as a place to do drugs and sleep, but the one I'm more concerned with is the fact that a child or woman can be walking home from school or work and an sex offender can snatch them and assault them in that dwelling. I don't know what the major and the government plan on doing about the abandon places, but they need to act fast before something horrible happens.